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While Discussing Solar, The Bigger Question Raised over and over again Is Cost.

If someone told you a year ago that solar Is costly, and you stopped giving attention to solar developments?

Now I tell you, Keep Watching Solar Developments across India and Globe, and You Will Find that Solar Prices Have come down Significantly, due to Supply -demans gaps, Continued Innovations and Drop in Solar Grade Silicon Prices from USD 400/kg In 2008 to USD28/kg Now!

Other Reason, Why you should Keep Looking at Solar Is :Coal Prices has been trippled, A rise of 300% in Past 3 years.

Govt. Of India Is Considering derregulation of Dieself Prices. So if you are using diesel gensets for backup power supply, it will become harder and harder on your pockets…

Now you have to think Where Diesel and Coal Prices Can go From here, if you look at past 10years for the clue, You will find that Prices will go higher and higher and make new records, and burn your pockers for sure…

Can you Make a LongTerm Investment Now? Then you are looking at Options…

Wind and Solar

Let me tell you about cost,

for a solar system 120-150 units monthly you will spend about 2-2.4 Lacs In India

For a Windgen System of same out Put, you will spend about 1.5 Lacs, but you have to make sure that wind speed in your area is at least above 5m/s for considering Wind..

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