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Why it was a worst idea?

I have just had a threatening call from, one of the officer of IDEA COMMUNICATIONS LTD.

He sounded like some mafia gang member threatening, me to pay the pending bill or anything could happen.

I am ready to see what could happen to me.

I live in a town where taking postpaid connections is not possible and a headache, however I was a regularly paying customer for postpaid connections from Vodafone. Somehow I was not happy with the lies and cheat they carried into every monthly bills. I had to keep the proofs ready with me to show them that I was right and the amount they billed me for was a PURE Cheat. But good thing with Vodafone was out 3 consecutive monthly bills when I caught their lies, they were ready to make amends and they used to acknowledge their wrong doing and would correct the bill. For my Vodafone, the bill never went more than 2000 Indian Rupees, equivalent to about, 30 US $ or 27 Euros.

I was tired like hell, having to argue every month with the officers about the mistakes and cheats and lies in the bills that, I thought to change. Idea = the telecom company in India, has better coverage and better signals in my town. So I decided to switch to idea keeping the same number.

To my surprise, they were not giving connections in a rural town.   I asked the officer to take some extra deposits for security and provide me the connection. Finally while showing the Vodafone bills and good credit limit assigned to me by the Vodafone, I was given a connection.

The Migration date was around 23rd of July 2015. And my first bill was supposed to be issued on 1st August 2015. I was on a monthly plan with Rs. 1200+ as monthly rent and lots of free stuff. About 5000 Local and STD minutes and about 5GB of 3G Internet (that is never enough for me, but for internet I always keep backup plans as other connections).

So the first bill, to my tragic surprise was Rs. 900+. I was supposed to pay around Rs. 1500 per month. And they imposed a first bill that was on a monthly scale, more than double my expectation, even though I was on the one of the highest plan offered by them.

According to me the fair billing in that period was less than Rs. 400 .  still I payed , before due date, Rs. 600.

I kept telling them that this was wrong , unethical and I had no energy to continue.

Starting 22nd August , I was on a pilgrimage tour to Somanath, and we were walking four days continuously till the temple. During day time through the jungle there was no telecom connection. When I reached our camping site, I found that my outgoing calls and internet was blocked. I called them and they said, the bill was correct and I needed to pay. My credit limit was Rs. 2200 and my connections were blocked while the pending payment according to them was about 400 More.

That night, I bent under pressure and paid them the sum. And started my connection again.

Next bill was to be issued on September 1st .

During the bill cycle , I changed my plan to a smaller one of Rs. 999 per month and found that despite I had quota of 5.5GB, I could use only upto 2GB by 31st August. So I changed back to the previous plan of 1299.  I thought  with this change I will be able to use more.

What happened next? The moment I changed my plan, they changed all my FREE benefits in previous plant on Pro rata Basis. i.e. if I was allowed 2GB, free as per plan, when I changed the plan that 2GB cost me Rs. 6000 on pro rata, basis i.e. pay per KB , and  also they did so with all other freebies of call minutes.

I didn’t know about this punishment until the bill arrived. It was Rs. 9446


I requested them on calls several times that this was unethical , wrong and cheating.

But they never listened.

They again blocked my outgoing calls.

The number that I had recently started to give out to my international customers was not working and my credibility had suffered.

The people who had my alternative number asked me why my other number was not working and I had to go in lengths explaining them about the fraud that happened with me.

So, if you are investing in Idea Communications ltd , stocks, you are investing in a fraudulent company.

I am sure many have suffered due to the tyranny of Idea.

Come with me and I am ready to launch a class action law suit against this fraudulent company.

you can write to me at

or call me +91 982597230

Regards and Respect to you,


UPDATE 1 : number 9724024784 ,Is Showing out of Service. Idea Care tweets that they will Assist me. I am not going to backdown until i am companesated for the wrong doings.




 (1) Stay Away from Factory Rejected Solar Module Sellers

I have been active in Solar and Agricultural industry for quite a long time (6 years) , and recently have I come across some VENDORS, who are Selling Factory Rejected Solar Panels at Cheaper price at Rs. 30/Watt. Even cheapest Chinese made come at Rs. 45/Watt not inclusive tax. And I saw a forum right here where people were queuing in to buy that stuff… Make Sure You Don’t buy from such sellers, they do give fake certificates and fake warranties and even fake/rejected solar modules but that would be like throwing your money on Garbage,

(2) Sizing is Essential: over sizing or under sizing can leave you with a mess

 While Going Solar, it’s an entirely new paradigm, so Sizing becomes very crucial part of the project as much as every component. If you are currently using a 5hp submersible pump to get water from 100feet below the bore well, it is not important that Solar Water Pumping Will require exact 5hp pump. Don’t go with the formulae that I am running a 5hp motor so . my solar water pump requirement is 5hp..  Get your water consumption pattern sized up. Your irrigation water requirements depends on crops you are currently growing, you may grow in future, and your soil type and soil moisture contents, and rain water availability. It’s a very complex calculation, so I wont go in details, but note, that there are many factors that play role in your irrigation water requirement. And your water pump should confirm to this needs. Take into account the free or nearly free power you are usually getting from government.

Imagine a scenario where you spent say 10lacs for running a 10hp submersible pump. Now suppose you pumped daily with your old 10hp pump for almost 3 hours daily. now here your solar pump is capable of running from Sun Rise to Sunset…nonstop. So it is producing more water than you currently need it. you have to close the pump after 4 hours of pumping, you either have to build a tank, but how much water that tank will hold? For how many days, how huge will you make the tank? Now you realize that you really didn’t need the extra power. And you are not even able to use almost, all the free power that government provides. And there are limited options, here. Either to sell half of your solar panels at loss, or to move them to your home, where you could use that power for your home electricity needs.

(3) If you have doubts start small

Don’t go huge, at first Attempt: if you try asking anyone, including me for 5hp 10hp motors, the project cost is going to be over INR 5,00,000 and that itself may disappoint you from thinking twice about Solar, and that way you will not be able to harvest golden fruits of Solar Energy. so start small. go after keeping in mind your present and future water consumption. go with someone who can SEE what is your Current Water Consumption Pattern/ what is your Electricity Consumption Pattern, and based on That can help you size your project in such a way that you will not be fearing where to stock extra water, or what to do with extra power that your huge solar panel array produces, while you can’t even use it…

 Remember you can always go up, but there are limited options for Coming down With Solar:  

Even if you need five hour pumping daily, with a 5hp motor, my friend, first go with a 2hp solar set. This will help you when govt. grid will fail, this will help you when govt. will impose fierce cuts on power. And in any case when government won’t be able to supply you with the free power. Still we at Bati Energy recommend our customers that they use as much government power as is given to them. You can always add solar Panels in your Solar Array and Run higher capacity Submersible pump

(4) You are not buying a USE and Throw item.

You are investing for a minimum of 25years of power Security. Stuck with this important information, there are sooo many factors, very important factors that will come into play for deciding right solar panel for your need, your environment, your location, and your budget, and your farm.. There are also technical factors, that will be quiet important in choosing the right panel for your project. keep this in your mind, that you will not go with any solar panels or solar water pumping system providers, many businesses are in business simply to make money out of your aspiration, and very few are there who can guide you thoroughly on your project, who can Size up your water requirement for irrigation purpose and who will understand all your needs in Every possible scenario and details, and based on that will provide you a customized solution.

(5) There is no Ready-Made with Solar 

You want a pair of clothes and you can buy in the market ready-made. It is not the same way with solar. Solar Radiation changes according to locations, seasons, times of days and with many other factors, so there is simply no ready-made thing here that you can pay and buy. Customization is extremely important for not only solar water pumping system but any solar power project. The pump made for Gujarat will only be able to work at 70-80% capacity in Delhi. There simply is no ready made with Solar. The solar panels which are made for cold regions will not perform better in Desert.


Dear Friends,

There was a heartfelt need, that farmers are wrongfully directed in solar water pumping industry. And there in the market, solar panels are available that won’t last beyond 5years. Therefore Ii thought I should at least try to make you aware how Solar Works.

Let us know if you need any help with respect to you solar water pumping system

Here you can find some more :

Hope i have succeeded in bringing some important facts to your attention.

Please comment so that i can learn more about the issues that you may be facing.

Kind REgards

Bhavesh Bati

Bati Energy


While Discussing Solar, The Bigger Question Raised over and over again Is Cost.

If someone told you a year ago that solar Is costly, and you stopped giving attention to solar developments?

Now I tell you, Keep Watching Solar Developments across India and Globe, and You Will Find that Solar Prices Have come down Significantly, due to Supply -demans gaps, Continued Innovations and Drop in Solar Grade Silicon Prices from USD 400/kg In 2008 to USD28/kg Now!

Other Reason, Why you should Keep Looking at Solar Is :Coal Prices has been trippled, A rise of 300% in Past 3 years.

Govt. Of India Is Considering derregulation of Dieself Prices. So if you are using diesel gensets for backup power supply, it will become harder and harder on your pockets…

Now you have to think Where Diesel and Coal Prices Can go From here, if you look at past 10years for the clue, You will find that Prices will go higher and higher and make new records, and burn your pockers for sure…

Can you Make a LongTerm Investment Now? Then you are looking at Options…

Wind and Solar

Let me tell you about cost,

for a solar system 120-150 units monthly you will spend about 2-2.4 Lacs In India

For a Windgen System of same out Put, you will spend about 1.5 Lacs, but you have to make sure that wind speed in your area is at least above 5m/s for considering Wind..

If you have any further Questions, WE provide Free Consultancy for your requirements…

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so think for yourself…

you can mail your needs and questions to

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