Your Solar Farmers

Dear Friends,
Here is a chance to go solar, the best way and cheapest way in entire world.

We at Bati Energy are delighted to present Solar Water pumping systems.

In short intro, the systems we provide are with Proven European Technology and thats why you will Own a high quality and almost maintenence free solar power plant for your water pumping needs, at Farms, factories, and your residential or official community buldings.

NOW Claim your 10-50% off , green christmass Offer.

For more details kindly get in touch with Mr. Gunajit Brahma, at
Mr. Bhavesh  J.
Bati at energy@batienergy.i.

Solar Water Pumping systems from Bati Energy, answering power crisis and costly diesel,Helping Environment and Ensuring hasslefree, CleanTech  water supply for Irrigation, Communities and Industries

  solar systems from Bati energy that provides 3 phase AC power output to run your existing water pump or any motor based equipment on solar that requires 3 phase AC Power
: Benefits.
1. use your already existing submersible/open well, pumpset with solar power

2. zero maintenance, for around 20years

3. you can use the same pumpset/equipment on govt/ utility power with a simple switching mechanism

4.  controllers we offer require almost zero maintenance for at least 20years.

5. if your requirement is bulk and you want to sale our systems in your region/country, we can train your staff for installation and rare after sales services.

6. Best prices around the world. a 5 HP system would.cost only US $ 6200 .
Ref prices.

7. in USA, Canada. Australia and Europe we can help finance commercial such projects from third party financers.

Photos n videos:

Interested, please mail us at



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