Why it was a worst idea?

I have just had a threatening call from, one of the officer of IDEA COMMUNICATIONS LTD.

He sounded like some mafia gang member threatening, me to pay the pending bill or anything could happen.

I am ready to see what could happen to me.

I live in a town where taking postpaid connections is not possible and a headache, however I was a regularly paying customer for postpaid connections from Vodafone. Somehow I was not happy with the lies and cheat they carried into every monthly bills. I had to keep the proofs ready with me to show them that I was right and the amount they billed me for was a PURE Cheat. But good thing with Vodafone was out 3 consecutive monthly bills when I caught their lies, they were ready to make amends and they used to acknowledge their wrong doing and would correct the bill. For my Vodafone, the bill never went more than 2000 Indian Rupees, equivalent to about, 30 US $ or 27 Euros.

I was tired like hell, having to argue every month with the officers about the mistakes and cheats and lies in the bills that, I thought to change. Idea = the telecom company in India, has better coverage and better signals in my town. So I decided to switch to idea keeping the same number.

To my surprise, they were not giving connections in a rural town.   I asked the officer to take some extra deposits for security and provide me the connection. Finally while showing the Vodafone bills and good credit limit assigned to me by the Vodafone, I was given a connection.

The Migration date was around 23rd of July 2015. And my first bill was supposed to be issued on 1st August 2015. I was on a monthly plan with Rs. 1200+ as monthly rent and lots of free stuff. About 5000 Local and STD minutes and about 5GB of 3G Internet (that is never enough for me, but for internet I always keep backup plans as other connections).

So the first bill, to my tragic surprise was Rs. 900+. I was supposed to pay around Rs. 1500 per month. And they imposed a first bill that was on a monthly scale, more than double my expectation, even though I was on the one of the highest plan offered by them.

According to me the fair billing in that period was less than Rs. 400 .  still I payed , before due date, Rs. 600.

I kept telling them that this was wrong , unethical and I had no energy to continue.

Starting 22nd August , I was on a pilgrimage tour to Somanath, and we were walking four days continuously till the temple. During day time through the jungle there was no telecom connection. When I reached our camping site, I found that my outgoing calls and internet was blocked. I called them and they said, the bill was correct and I needed to pay. My credit limit was Rs. 2200 and my connections were blocked while the pending payment according to them was about 400 More.

That night, I bent under pressure and paid them the sum. And started my connection again.

Next bill was to be issued on September 1st .

During the bill cycle , I changed my plan to a smaller one of Rs. 999 per month and found that despite I had quota of 5.5GB, I could use only upto 2GB by 31st August. So I changed back to the previous plan of 1299.  I thought  with this change I will be able to use more.

What happened next? The moment I changed my plan, they changed all my FREE benefits in previous plant on Pro rata Basis. i.e. if I was allowed 2GB, free as per plan, when I changed the plan that 2GB cost me Rs. 6000 on pro rata, basis i.e. pay per KB , and  also they did so with all other freebies of call minutes.

I didn’t know about this punishment until the bill arrived. It was Rs. 9446


I requested them on calls several times that this was unethical , wrong and cheating.

But they never listened.

They again blocked my outgoing calls.

The number that I had recently started to give out to my international customers was not working and my credibility had suffered.

The people who had my alternative number asked me why my other number was not working and I had to go in lengths explaining them about the fraud that happened with me.

So, if you are investing in Idea Communications ltd , stocks, you are investing in a fraudulent company.

I am sure many have suffered due to the tyranny of Idea.

Come with me and I am ready to launch a class action law suit against this fraudulent company.

you can write to me at energy@batienergy.in

or call me +91 982597230

Regards and Respect to you,


UPDATE 1 : number 9724024784 ,Is Showing out of Service. Idea Care tweets that they will Assist me. I am not going to backdown until i am companesated for the wrong doings.